Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Immersion Assembly

As I walked into the hall i saw lots of Teachers looking funny i saw Ms Jarman was chick little it like in the movie there was a puss in boots an Cinderella , little red riding hood and even shark it was our Immersion Assembly. At our Immersion Assembly we find out what we are learning about for the derm fairy tales this derm the step sisters were jealous of Cinderella because she was exquisitely beautiful. they were squabbing and disputing and frighting over the princess. miss Lavakula had a plainly crooked nose.Miss McKinley had a hunch back and Mrs Tuala had harmonious ears I looking forward to finding out about fairy tales Think it will be lots of fun.


  1. Thanks for posting your work Janet.
    I enjoyed assembly and thought it was a lot of fun. I hope you will always use a capital 'I' when you are writing the word "I" in a story.

  2. Hi jane i really liked your story about assembly.
    keep up your greet work

    from Destiny ngawaka

  3. Hey Jane I like your immerison assembly that you wirti.

    it is cool I hope you do a never story

  4. Hi Jane.
    What a awesome story you wrote about the immersion assembly but just one problem you need to make sure you give the teacher to check your work because there are a lot of spelling mistakes in your writing.



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