Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mairangi bay

On Friday the 19 the year 7 we went to Mairangi Bay I was siting next to my friend we were just talking. When we arrive at Mairangi Bay I was just looking at the sandpit and the sea. People were talking and listen to Mrs Nua I was siting right at the back and i was talking to my friends. People were waiting in the line it taking them long time to walk up steps. We met three different life guards they were Megan, Rosie, and Raquel there are the guards. When it was morning tea i was hanging out with Gabrielle and Ngaina then the stared to blow whistle so we went inside. They were asking questions the first it was s,s, s it was Slip,Slop,Slap and wrap. Then we went out side for a game it was suck in the mud. It was lunch time some people didn't swim i didn't swim too. I was at sandpit with i was standing next to Maree and we were filming. Me and Maree were on the sandpit. When the the bus arrive we said a big thank you to the life guards and the helps and then Mrs Nua and Mrs Tele'a were counting people on the bus.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ambers butterfly

Amber is learning how to label the body parts of butterfly's or bugs
she is also a great drawer .If you click on the photo above it will take you to Amber's class blog .

Friday, August 27, 2010

the 10 best things about my dad

Do you know what the ten best things are about my dad ?
I'll tell you ! He can throw, he can bat and he likes to play hoops and balls and gloves . But playing anything with me is what my dad really loves.
He likes to be quiet too. He likes to stretch out to close his eyes and rest . We share the couch 'cause holding me is what he likes the best. He teaches me the stuff he's learned like knowing right from wrong. If I mess up he says no sweat you'll get it before long. When I  perform he's always  there cheering right out loud. He cheers the same if I'm the star or just part of the crowd. We go for drives because it's fun to ride around and roam. Sometimes I think we're lost but then he always gets us home. He reads me bedtime stories sometimes nine or ten . He never argues when I say please read that one again? He understands if I'm afraid even late at night. He knows how to scare monsters until they are leave in fright. When i'm sad he hugs me close. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sonny with a chance.

This is my favourite show sonny with a chance. Every day when I get home the only thing I do is watch Sonny with a chance on Disney Channel. My favourite actor is Demi Lavato and she is also my favourite singer. The best song is la la land. Sonny with a chance is a full of episodes. Do you know who is Demi lovato herbest friend is selena gomez she came on sonny with a chance.

Cross Country

Today at Pt England school , we are doing cross country . There are four house colours and they are TANUI-BLUE,TAKITIMU -YELLOW,MATATUA-GREEN AND TE ARAWA-RED.My house colour is Takitimu.In cross Country I want to come 1st,2nd or 3rd never last. I know that Takitimu is going to win today because they are the best .

Monday, August 9, 2010

About me and my country

About me and my country

Hi my name is Jane, I come from Samoa.

Samoa is a beautiful place where lots of people come from around the world to go for a holiday.

They can relax in hot spas and eat in fancy restaurant's.

At the end of the day they have a relaxing massage.

On Saturday my dads family goes to a different church but my moms goes on Saturday with my brothers and me.

I love going to Savaii because I hang out with my friends we hang out at the Savaii's beach.

My mom gave me money when I was in Samoa.

In samoa we have all the miss samoa even around the world.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Crocodile in the Library

The crocodile and the boy went to the library. Meanwhile the crocodile went to play with the blocks. When the librarian stamps the crocodiles book she stamps the crocodiles paw.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Mud Slide

The Pukeko reading group had such a great term last term. I can see they are rearing to go for gold again this term.
Here's a movie put together by Mrs Clarke - the students read the story 'The Mud Slide', wrote a script together, were given parts to read and were recorded for you to enjoy.
If you wish to give them feedback please go to their individual blogs and leave comments.
Thanks again Mrs Clarke.

Jane, Brennan, Ronald & Junior

Friday, February 19, 2010