Friday, August 27, 2010

the 10 best things about my dad

Do you know what the ten best things are about my dad ?
I'll tell you ! He can throw, he can bat and he likes to play hoops and balls and gloves . But playing anything with me is what my dad really loves.
He likes to be quiet too. He likes to stretch out to close his eyes and rest . We share the couch 'cause holding me is what he likes the best. He teaches me the stuff he's learned like knowing right from wrong. If I mess up he says no sweat you'll get it before long. When I  perform he's always  there cheering right out loud. He cheers the same if I'm the star or just part of the crowd. We go for drives because it's fun to ride around and roam. Sometimes I think we're lost but then he always gets us home. He reads me bedtime stories sometimes nine or ten . He never argues when I say please read that one again? He understands if I'm afraid even late at night. He knows how to scare monsters until they are leave in fright. When i'm sad he hugs me close. 


  1. That's awesome Jane, your dad sounds like the best dad in the world,
    I enjoyed all the interesting ways you described him. Maybe next time you could add a picture that suits your story, but Tino pai! Well done!
    Can't wait for your next one
    Matua Wyllis

  2. Hi Jane.
    Wwwhat a awesome story you wrote about your dad.I really loved the way how you said that when your performing your dad is cheering right out loud. Keep up the awesome work.



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