Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mairangi bay

On Friday the 19 the year 7 we went to Mairangi Bay I was siting next to my friend we were just talking. When we arrive at Mairangi Bay I was just looking at the sandpit and the sea. People were talking and listen to Mrs Nua I was siting right at the back and i was talking to my friends. People were waiting in the line it taking them long time to walk up steps. We met three different life guards they were Megan, Rosie, and Raquel there are the guards. When it was morning tea i was hanging out with Gabrielle and Ngaina then the stared to blow whistle so we went inside. They were asking questions the first it was s,s, s it was Slip,Slop,Slap and wrap. Then we went out side for a game it was suck in the mud. It was lunch time some people didn't swim i didn't swim too. I was at sandpit with i was standing next to Maree and we were filming. Me and Maree were on the sandpit. When the the bus arrive we said a big thank you to the life guards and the helps and then Mrs Nua and Mrs Tele'a were counting people on the bus.


  1. Hi jane it is chyna can you met me at room13 so we can play.

  2. Hi Jane
    I hope you have fun at your lovely trip. I wish I could come with you guys, it sounds like fun.


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