Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flying Fox

In the holiday I went to my uncle's house and my brother's friend came with my dad in his car. My brother was playing with his friend. Then we went to the flying fox you had to sit on the flying fox then when you let the flying fox go you have to run back. It was fun when we were there last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it was cool and it was fun.


  1. l Like Your story Jane .
    A bout the flying fox

    From Jessica

  2. Hi Jane

    I really liked your story about the flying fox.
    were did you go to play on the flying fox?
    did you play with your brother on the flying fox with you?
    any way welldone Jane

    your sincerely Jarna

  3. Hi Jane

    that was a cool stoy you siad.

    I feel like going there too.

    now by.


  4. hey Jane

    I LIke Your story About The camp aratika
    what was The first thing that You Don?
    The fist thing That You Don? is Cooking and went to pamuar pools
    Jane I like Your camp Aratika stack
    By jessica

  5. Hey Jane

    That must of been fun on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday. Are you afraid of going on the flying fox or was your Brother mostly scared ? Anyway that was a very good story Because you are a great story writer Jane. well done Jane.

    your sincerely Jarna and Tule.

  6. hey jane

    I very like your story about the flying fox but you need to writ more

    form Destiny


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