Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Immersion Assembly

At assembly each of teachers had to come up with a dress-up as a Dino  might.  We saw Mr Burt come out of nowhere. Mr Burt was dressed up as a cracker the caveman, and he was looking for hipsilophdon for his lunch. .He hit Feki on his back with his bombyknocker. Team 1 was only a video. Team 2 were Rappers. Team 3  were paleontologists  and team 4  was only a video. They had the teachers s reading a book in the library aboutdinosaur but they fell asleep. They ended up back in the dinosaur time but they were only dreaming. The E-learning team had Mrs Tele'a rapping and Team 2 helping. 


  1. hey jane
    I like your story About the Immersion Assembly
    it is Really cool

    from jessica

  2. Hey jane
    was it really cool at the immersion Assembly I like


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